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A Slight Delay


So you all may have noticed by now or maybe not till later but there is no eps 8 up for Orion’s Belt. There has been a slight delay. Episode 8 and 9 should be up next week on Monday and Weds. After that, we will be taking a longer break till around sometime in May. These comic strips are funded out of pocket and right now I’m a bit low on funds. But next month as long as things don’t go sideways should see us getting back on track.


A Shot of Whiskey

New series is up. It’s called A Shot of Whiskey. 1pg comic book stories from myself, Gene Selassie and various artists we’ll be working with.

It’s gonna be a bit slow in the beginning. The first story (Man’s Best Friend) is up right now but the second one might not be up till next week or the week after. We’re paying the artists to do these. They’re not doing them for free. So it will take a bit since money doesn’t grow on trees. I’ve looked into it.

The art was done by Robert Ahmad. Dude is so good at what he does and we have a 3pg short story cooking that’s gonna knock you on your asses. I showed a rough preview of pg 1 of it last week (on our Facebook page). So look forward to that TOKU fans.

The lettering for this A Shot of Whiskey tale was done by the always fantastic David C. Hopkins. He should be getting ALL the lettering gigs. That’s how good he is. He also designed the title logo for Orion’s Belt and A Shot of Whiskey. Dude is so talented. Lettering is an art people. It’s not just words on penciled and inked paper.

And nothing would be available for you to read without the every amazing and generous Ricardo Colmenares. Best web designer HANDS DOWN!

So now go check out that story. We hope you enjoy it and share, share, share. PLEASE! It helps. And go like the Atomic Rex Facebook page if you haven’t!

An update on Rock Paper Scissors

So Gene Selassie has a comic up on this website called Rock paper Scissors. It’s a fantastic comic that Mark Waid and Greg Rucka both enjoyed. Mark Waid liked it so much he gave Gene a quote.

“A cut above–Very well done. A clever concept and a very good read” –Mark Waid.

However, there has only ever been one issue. Unfortunately, some personal and financial problems caused production to be delayed and then to grind to a halt.

But it was such a good first issue I felt the world needed to see it. So if you haven’t then head to its section and check it out. It’s worth your time and is 22 pages of awesome.

Now Gene hasn’t let that stop him as he’s working on a one-shot comic with the fantastic J.B. Monares that is gonna be lots of fun to read. So head on over to our facebook page and check out those awesome sketches of some of the characters from the story.

Something is missing and new arrivals.


So I am sure you all have noticed that Massively Effective is gone. And that it’s also gone from Comixology. The reason being is the comic now has a publisher and will be released as a trade paperback. Can’t say who the publisher is as we’re waiting on contracts, but needless to say this is pretty cool.

More Orion’s Belt comic strips will be up next week and a new web series (that I believe I’ve mentioned) called A Shot of Whiskey. 1-page comic book stories Eugene Selassie and I will be doing with artists.

That’s all I have for now, but please stay with us and let your friends know about the cool FREE comics we do.


Late Updates!

So a few things have changed. We now have a donation button on the main page. You don’t have to donate, but if you want to see us put out work on a more frequent basis then that’s why it’s there. Any money you donate will not go to us. It will go to artists, letterers, and site maintenance. Besides that, we also have a new comic. It’s actually a comic strip called Orion’s Belt. Like the old Sunday funnies or more closely like the old Flash Gordon Sunday comic strips. It’s written by me and lettered by the fantastic David C. Hopkins and drawn by a variety of artists. The first two strips are drawn by Luisa Russo.

Massively Effective besides being on here three times a week and the first three issues on Comixology is also on Line Webtoon. A fantastic digital outlet for popular comic artists and unknowns. So check out the site. And please use the link below to go to Massively Effective there and subscribe and rate us. It helps a lot. Why are we there? Well, it’s part of their discover program and if the comic becomes popular enough they will pay us to work on the book. Which means I will be able to work with a variety of artists to put out new Massively Effective stories for you guys to read for FREE.

Now onto some Rock Paper Scissors news. Eugene will unfortunately not be able to continue the series past the first issue. There are a variety of reasons as to why that happened, but financially right now it’s not feasible. However, he is working on something else with the artist of that book that will blow your minds. It’s going to be a 22-page one-shot and he is working on a couple of stories for a brand new anthology series we will be launching on this very site. So look out for more info on that soon.

Other than that we hope you’re enjoying Massively Effective, Rock Paper Scissors and hopefully you’ll enjoy the new comic Orion’s Belt and also look out for A Shot of Whiskey coming soon.

-Marco Lopez


Welcome to the revamped Atomic Rex Entertainment website. This has been a long time in the making and part of an initiative to better get our names out there and work seen. Massively Effective will now be offered for free and as always on Comixology for $0.99 each issue. This will lead up to issue 4 being released. It’s completed for the most part except for the lettering. So to break it down further this is what’s happening. Issues 1, 2 and 3 will still be on Comixology sold for $0.99 an issue. But to further get the comic out there and noticed were going to release it online on this site for free. The schedule will be 3 pages a week, Monday, Weds, and Friday. And we will continue to follow that schedule into the release of the pages for issue 4. Once those pages have completed their free release on the website here then we will release the collected issue on Comixology for, can you guess? $0.99. And hopefully, after that’s released a series of Massively Effective one-shot webcomics will follow.

But Massively Effective isn’t the only webcomic that we will be releasing. Eugene Selassie will be releasing issue 1 of his comic book Rock, Paper, Scissors on here with the same release schedule. He is also working on a one-shot he will be taking to conventions and that book will be on this site as well.

In turn, I will also be releasing a second webcomic myself with a fantastic new artist that I’m excited to work with. It’s called Rocksteady: The Way of the Fist and for fans of Street Fighter, King of the Fighters, Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho let me just say you are in for one hell of a ride. That will be coming hopefully August of this year.

Other than that we hope you enjoy the new site, what we have to offer and keep returning for more. Also, check us out on Twitter and Facebook and PLEASE help spread the word.

-Marco Lopez