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Terminal Pulp Anthology Kickstarter

And it went live around 12pm earlier today! Everyone please check out this amazing comic book anthology kickstarter Gene and I are a part of. Donate if you can but if you can’t then at least SHARE SHARE SHARE!

Massively Effective. The Final Page.

The final page of Massively Effective is up on the site. You don’t know how amazing, frustrating, awesome, crazy and downright fun this journey has been. 78 PAGES of Saturday morning flavor cartoon fun is now finished. A almost 7 year journey has now come to its end, but it won’t be the end of Massively Effective. They will be part of a very cool anthology collection down the line but for now their story has been told.

I wanna thank Michael Mayne for his amazing art and covers and Sarah Elkins for her beautiful colors on some of those covers. To Walt Barna for his color work on the sequential pages and Josh Krach for the title design and lettering for issues 1-3 and David C. Hopkins for his lettering for issue 4.

I also wanna thank all you comic book creators out there who gave so much support and quotes and cheered me on. To many to list and I don’t wanna blow up your FB pages. ha ha

But I also wanna especially thank Gene Selassie for always being a HUGE supporter of Massively Effective and letting us model P.H.D. after him. And Randall Begins for being a great cheerleader and Joel Reser for letting us model Snake in the Grass after him as well.

Last but not least Bryan Ginn who started this journey with me in 2010. It was a labor of love based on friendship, admiration and a love for all things geek and I’d like to think that shines through in the comic.

Go enjoy the last page everyone.

A vote for Massively Effective is a vote for good comics!


So I’m gonna try and make this short, sweet and to the point. We’re working very hard on building the fanbase for this site and especially our weekly comic Massively Effective. Part of that is signing up for sites like Top Web Comics. They allow us to promote our webcomic there, pay for advertisement and be a part of voting competitions that get lot’s of eyes on our work. So, PLEASE, head to the link below and VOTE for Massively Effective. It helps. ALOT!

Weekend Update.

A bit of minor news.

I’m thinking of doing a Patreon for the Atomic Rex Ent site. I actually signed up for it yesterday and have set everything up. Just haven’t hit the launch button as I don’t know if the rewards I am offering will be enough to get anyone interested. But until I make the decision to pull that trigger. I have brought back the donation button to the website. So If you like what we do and want us to keep doing it with these fantastic artists then donate. If you can of course. We’re still going to put out comics no matter what. This is just the difference between it happening on a constant basis or once in a blue moon. And none of the money will go to Gene Selassie and I. It will all go to site maintenance, the artists, and letterer we work with.

-Marco Lopez

Grimm Tales of Terror Vol. 2 #11


So I am a little late on posting this news here but better later than never. For all you comic fans out there yours truly wrote issue 11 of Grimm Tales of Terror from Zenescope Entertainment. It came out this past Wednesday. So head on down to your comic book shop and grab yourself a copy.

And if you don’t have a shop near you then you can always order the comic via Zenescope themselves.

Or if you’re down with digital then Comixology will be your saving grace. Hope you all enjoy it.


Website Issues.


For everyone out there who’s been coming to the site today. We apologize for the inconvenience. We know there is an issue and the whole site is borked. It’s being worked on but won’t be resolved till later today. Our web designer also works a day job doing the same thing. Again very sorry and we appreciate your patience.

-Marco Lopez


So we’re back on Tumblr. Follow us. I will be updating this at the same rate I update the facebook, website and twitter pages of Atomic Rex Entertainment.



Hope everyone out there who’s been checking out our comics have been loving them. I hope we have at least a handful of people reading our stories. lol Anyway as to what’s been going on. Massively Effective will not be released as a print trade. As for the reason why? That’s not something I wanna go into or can. I’m just glad to have the full rights back. So this is what I am going to do. Since the book has been re-edited I’m gonna release starting either next week or the week after as a webcomic again. Three days a week until it’s done. As you noticed I said it was re-edited. I went through has any errors fixed in dialogue, made some dialogue changes, did a dialogue rewrite on pages that never got lettered (you never saw those) but then finally got lettered and it’s still the same story but tighter, meaner and leaner. The fat basically got cut out. Massively Effective was written in 2010 and since then I have learned a lot about writing. But it’s a comic I still wanna get out there. Bryan and I when working on the story put our heart and soul into and I put my heart and soul into the script and everything that came after. So even if only a few people see it then it’s better than no one.

Outside of that, we are working on some more A Shot of Whiskey stories. If you haven’t read our latest one Recruitment Drive then go check it out. And I’m working on some more Orion’s Belt stories. We have two more comic strips coming which will bring us to twelve. In these strips, I have been showing snapshots in the life of a space adventuring afro Latino couple and their kids. With comic strip 13 I will be telling a fun, adventurous, revenge filled, brutal, tragic and powerful thirty-six strip story with this family. It will be taking on some of that Super Sentai flavor I love so much. Remember the Infinity Gauntlet story Marvel did in 2015 with the African American family? It’s gonna be a bit like that. After it’s done that will bring me to forty-eight comic strips in total and I’m gonna look into getting them published as a hardcover and in color. Either through Kickstarter or getting into debt.

Outside of that I also have Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror #11 coming out in August and another comic from a publisher I still can’t name that should be announced later this year or early next year. I’m also working on getting a gig with another publisher I really like. I have a recommendation there from someone who’s done quite a bit of work for them. So fingers crossed on that.

That’s it for now. Talk to you all when I have more to say.

-Marco Lopez



As the title suggests we’re still working on more comics. Recently Eugene released an A Shot of Whiskey tale with art by Joe Jun Monares. Pages for the Massively Effective trade paperback are being lettered as we speak. And hopefully, by next week, I will be getting back on board with the amazing artists Chris Winters, Robert Ahmad and Jose Marono on some Orion’s Belt and A Shot of Whiskey tales. The thing is this stuff takes a bit of money and right now it’s only trickling in. So we do when it’s possible. We hope you all understand.

But like I said we’re still working. So please be patient with us.

-Marco Lopez

NEW Orion’s Belt!


We’re gonna haver two new strips up next week. We’ve slowed down a bit cause of finances. Once I get more funds in then we will be ramping back up. So for right now we’re gonna be a bit sporadic with updates.

We should also be posting a new A Shot of Whiskey 1 page story from Eugene Selassie and his collaborator very soon.