Massively Effective. The Final Page.

Massively Effective. The Final Page.

The final page of Massively Effective is up on the site. You don’t know how amazing, frustrating, awesome, crazy and downright fun this journey has been. 78 PAGES of Saturday morning flavor cartoon fun is now finished. A almost 7 year journey has now come to its end, but it won’t be the end of Massively Effective. They will be part of a very cool anthology collection down the line but for now their story has been told.

I wanna thank Michael Mayne for his amazing art and covers and Sarah Elkins for her beautiful colors on some of those covers. To Walt Barna for his color work on the sequential pages and Josh Krach for the title design and lettering for issues 1-3 and David C. Hopkins for his lettering for issue 4.

I also wanna thank all you comic book creators out there who gave so much support and quotes and cheered me on. To many to list and I don’t wanna blow up your FB pages. ha ha

But I also wanna especially thank Gene Selassie for always being a HUGE supporter of Massively Effective and letting us model P.H.D. after him. And Randall Begins for being a great cheerleader and Joel Reser for letting us model Snake in the Grass after him as well.

Last but not least Bryan Ginn who started this journey with me in 2010. It was a labor of love based on friendship, admiration and a love for all things geek and I’d like to think that shines through in the comic.

Go enjoy the last page everyone.

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