Hope everyone out there who’s been checking out our comics have been loving them. I hope we have at least a handful of people reading our stories. lol Anyway as to what’s been going on. Massively Effective will not be released as a print trade. As for the reason why? That’s not something I wanna go into or can. I’m just glad to have the full rights back. So this is what I am going to do. Since the book has been re-edited I’m gonna release starting either next week or the week after as a webcomic again. Three days a week until it’s done. As you noticed I said it was re-edited. I went through has any errors fixed in dialogue, made some dialogue changes, did a dialogue rewrite on pages that never got lettered (you never saw those) but then finally got lettered and it’s still the same story but tighter, meaner and leaner. The fat basically got cut out. Massively Effective was written in 2010 and since then I have learned a lot about writing. But it’s a comic I still wanna get out there. Bryan and I when working on the story put our heart and soul into and I put my heart and soul into the script and everything that came after. So even if only a few people see it then it’s better than no one.

Outside of that, we are working on some more A Shot of Whiskey stories. If you haven’t read our latest one Recruitment Drive then go check it out. And I’m working on some more Orion’s Belt stories. We have two more comic strips coming which will bring us to twelve. In these strips, I have been showing snapshots in the life of a space adventuring afro Latino couple and their kids. With comic strip 13 I will be telling a fun, adventurous, revenge filled, brutal, tragic and powerful thirty-six strip story with this family. It will be taking on some of that Super Sentai flavor I love so much. Remember the Infinity Gauntlet story Marvel did in 2015 with the African American family? It’s gonna be a bit like that. After it’s done that will bring me to forty-eight comic strips in total and I’m gonna look into getting them published as a hardcover and in color. Either through Kickstarter or getting into debt.

Outside of that I also have Zenescope’s Grimm Tales of Terror #11 coming out in August and another comic from a publisher I still can’t name that should be announced later this year or early next year. I’m also working on getting a gig with another publisher I really like. I have a recommendation there from someone who’s done quite a bit of work for them. So fingers crossed on that.

That’s it for now. Talk to you all when I have more to say.

-Marco Lopez

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